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Landscape Photography The Complete Manual


Over 190 Pages
Released March 2023
Digital Format

As a genre landscape photography is probably one of the most popular. There is something special about being out in the world capturing the landscape around you. Whether it is the vast openness of a particular space or a more intimate scene viewed in close-up, the landscape is certainly the most accessible type of photography that everyone can enjoy without needing very expensive equipment and studio space.

Landscape photography shows us places within the world that can capture the beauty and grandeur of unspoiled nature, as well as the more familiar aspects of the man-made world and its presence within the landscape too. From coastal scenes to cityscapes and the rural expanses beyond the city limits, there are an unending array of subjects both great and small waiting to be captured.

The aim of this independent user manual is to help you, the budding landscape photographer, into the world of photography; to explore cameras, lenses and accessory options and then to help you get the best out of them. Starting from the basics we’ll guide you though the world of landscape photography and hopefully help you to enjoy using your camera and take better photos with it.

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