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Outdoor Photography The Complete Manual


Over 140 Pages
Released September 2022
Digital Format

Don’t be content to simply discover how to push your digital camera skills to the limit, join our team of experts each and every issue to put your skills above and far beyond! SO join us and grab your camera and head outside. What’s stopping you from enjoying photography in the great outdoors? Whether it’s just in your back garden, or out in the rugged countryside, this essential ongoing series of guide has all the hints, tips and project guides you need to free up your creativity and get more out of your outdoor photography. From the most intimate macro shots, to great landscapes, it’s all here. Within the pages of each new publication our team of professional photographers will take you through our comprehensive series of guides to becoming a far better outdoor photographer. Subscribe to learn everything you need to know about all future updates to hardware and new photography trends and techniques as they happen! 100% unofficial.

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