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About Us

Since our launch in 2001, we have gained a global reputation of breaking with tradition and pushing the boundaries of tech publishing. Our best selling and highly respected books and bookazines are compiled not by a single author, but instead by a highly skilled team. Each expert member brings their focused skill set to a core area of editorial and design, meaning the reader gets the very best from each writer and ultimately the publication itself.

Our publications offer the highest quality and are fully independent, user friendly and, more importantly, have the most up-to-date content possible. That’s why our customers know that they can rely on the Papercut brand to deliver market leading and fully updated publications. Safe in the knowledge that with our help they are guaranteed to gain the very best foundation to build their knowledge, confidence and understanding of their new software and hardware.

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Papercut offer our partners a seamless multi-brand, cross media international promotional platform to share their brand message across our diverse consumer base. PCL’s international portfolio consists of over 50 print publications and 400+ digital publications, which combine across the biggest digital streaming platforms.

Allowing our customers to directly connect with over 250,000 unique readers and over 12,000,000 page views. Spanning multiple targets across streaming, digital and print, your campaign voice can be taken directly to your key audience with ease and confidence. To partner with us and maximise your advertising potential across our portfolio contact our dedicated sales team today.

Email: brad@papercutltd.co.uk

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Papercut’s Content

PCL have been licensing our popular, high margin bookazine brands for over 15 years, helping our licensing partners develop their portfolio, market reach and grow profits. PCL’s publications have been created with the greatest care by our specialist teams of highly experienced industry experts, to reach not only the core demographics but far beyond.

We have achieved such success and recognition by our focus on providing the marketplace with the most up-to-date and customer relevant content. Content which reaches out to all ages, locations and levels of experience. We will work directly with you to help your brand achieve the same success as we have. We are proud to give you this opportunity to deliver your vision of our exclusive content with ease and at minimal expense.

Email: jgale@pclpublications.com

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