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Photoshop Lightroom The Complete Manual


Over 198 Pages
Released March 2023
Digital Format

Want to expand and continue to expand your photo-editing knowledge base? This is the perfect series of publications for you, the smart-thinking photographer and photo-editor. Ensure that you continue to learn how to improve and keep improving both your photography and photo editing skills! Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a must-have program for photographers both amateur and professional. It’s vast range of features and added extras are head and shoulders above the competition; but despite its expansive image editing capabilities, it’s still a friendly and easy to use program. There’s so much here to sink your teeth into each and every issue! So with the help of this series of guides you will unleash the power of Lightroom and your imagination to create spectacular photos. Subscribe to learn everything you need to know about all future Adobe Lightroom updates to both software and how to get the best from your camera and photo-editing hardware. 100% unofficial.

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