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The Adobe Lightroom Manual – Print Edition Includes Free Digital Download

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Over 160 Pages
Released July 2023
Print Format
Shipping Included In Price

Photographers of every kind love Lightroom. In its desktop and cloud based versions, it is packed with features that are continually being updated and enhanced to keep it head and shoulders above similar photo processing software. This essential manual is packed with fully illustrated and clear, step-by-step tutorials and guides to help you along the way. So jump in and immerse yourself in Adobe Lightroom, and learn how to master the Lightroom workspace and create truly spectacular images. 100% Unofficial. 

Working with Lightroom

We show you how Lightroom works on your desktop and how all it’s essential features can help you bring out the very best in your photos. Then learn about the powerful Modules and explore the Lightroom workspace you’ll be spending your time with.

Advanced Photo Editing

From making your favourite photos a bit brighter and sharper to merging multiple images and even creating super-wide panoramas, our step-by-step photo editing guides will teach you how to edit like a professional.

Going Mobile & Beyond

Lightroom isn’t limited to just the desktop. With Lightroom CC you can be a master image editor on the move. Suddenly, your phone or tablet can become an extension to your desktop thanks to the streamlined power of the mobile focused version of Lightroom.

Featuring a wide selection of guides and tips to help you edit photo’s like a pro:

Exploring the Workspace

Using the Loupe View

Organising Your Photographs

Fix Photos with Quick Develop

Removing Spots and Red Eye

Basic Colour Adjustments

Improve Contrast and Tone

Linear and Radial Gradients

Correcting Lens Distortions

Advanced Noise Reduction

Exploring the Tone Curve Panel
Adding a Film Grain Effect

Using Image Location Data

Creating Your Own Watermarks

Publishing to Social Media

Syncing Lightroom CC

Image Editing On The Go

and much more inside…


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