How To Install macOS Sonoma

Apple has made it much easier to install a beta copy of a forthcoming version of macOS, and has also made developer betas free, alongside public betas. If you want to try out the beta version of Sonoma, ahead of its full release this autumn, follow these simple steps. Be warned, though – this is pre-release software, and it might be buggy.

1: First of all, open the System Settings from the Apple menu in the menu bar. Look for the General option in the left-hand sidebar, and click on it.

2: On the General page, the second option you see is Software Update. Click on this to go to the Software Update page. As you can see, Software Updates are currently on, but Beta Updates are off. We want to turn on Sonoma betas, so click the ‘i’ icon next to Beta Updates.

3: On this screen, make sure you’re using the correct Apple ID for beta updates. You probably are, but change it if you wish. Now click the pull-down menu in the top-right corner, currently showing ‘Off’. Choose one of the Sonoma options. Developer builds are likely to be further along than public builds, but more buggy. They’re mostly for developers who want to make sure their apps are compatible with the new operating systems. We don’t recommend you use them for your everyday Mac, but the choice is yours. Here we’re going for the macOS Sonoma Public Beta.

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4: Having chosen the pull-down option, click on the Done button. Your Mac checks for operating system updates, and finds the latest beta for macOS Sonoma. Use the links to read about it if you wish. When you’re ready, Click the button labelled Upgrade Now. The Sonoma beta is downloaded to your Mac.

5: Agree to the terms and conditions then enter your password to download the Sonoma beta. When the installer is fully downloaded, it’s installed onto your computer, which then restarts. Note: if your battery power is low, you might have to plug your Mac into your charger before the beta is installed.

6: macOS 14: Sonoma is compatible with the following desktop and notebook Macs:

iMac 2019 and later
Mac Pro 2019 and later
iMac Pro 2017
Mac Studio 2022 and later
MacBook Air 2018 and later
Mac mini 2018 and later
MacBook Pro 2018 and later

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