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Digital Photography The Complete Guide


Over 140 Pages
Released May 2024
Digital Format

Digital cameras have exploded in popularity over the past decade. More people now own a digital
camera than ever owned a film camera, with new types and designs appearing all the time. Cameras are everywhere; on our phones, on our computers, even in items of jewellery and clothing, but despite this
many people are still mystified by them. With new technology, sophisticated new features, and even entirely new types of camera appearing every few months, the ever-changing world of digital
photography can seem pretty daunting, especially to the beginner.
A trip to your local camera shop or a quick browse of the Internet will reveal that there are hundreds of different cameras available ranging in price from under £80 to over £30,000, everything from simple
pocket compacts to top-of-the range professional equipment, as well as a bewildering array of lenses,
flashguns and other accessories, not to mention all the computer software and printers. Deciding which one is right for you can be very difficult, and making the wrong choice could prove to be an expensive
mistake. Don’t panic though, because we’re here to help.
The aim of this digital publication is to help you, the newcomer to the world of photography, to choose the right camera, software and accessories, and then to help you get the best out of it. Whether you’re just looking for something to take your holiday snaps, or you’re interested in photography as a hobby and would like to know more about it, we’re here to help you. Starting from the basics we’ll guide you though the world of digital photography, and hopefully help
you to enjoy using your camera and take better photos with it. Who knows? We may even start you
on a whole new hobby, or even an enjoyable and profitable career.

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