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Instagram The Complete Manual (2nd Edition)


Over 95 Pages
Released March 2023
Digital Format

Instagram is a photo sharing application with over one billion active users, posting in excess of 95 million photos per day. Since its launch nearly eight years ago, a staggering 40 billion photos have been shared on the platform, making it one of the most used social media services in the world.
Impressive statistics aside, Instagram o ers more than simply somewhere to dump your occasional photos. It’s used by individuals and businesses to promote work, ethics, politics and much more. You can share a video of your personal best bench press or your child’s first steps. With so much content, there’s always something for someone within this rather wonderful app.
Join us then, as we take a look at how Instagram works and what you can do with it. We help you get started and put you on the path to ultimate Instagram mastery! 100% Unofficial.

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