Edifier W320TN Earbuds Review

These look familiar. Available in grey or ivory finishes, Edifier’s W320TN true wireless earbuds are clearly modelled on Apple’s own AirPods. But why not? It’s a comfortable design which puts the controls within easy reach, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

This particular set of Apple-like earbuds are very light and feel comfortable in the ears, despite not using removable silicon tips that give you a choice of sizes. They’re hi-res audio certified, and give around 5.5 hours of play time, with 22 hours in the battery case. This is reduced to 3.5 hours and 14 hours respectively if you use the Active Noise Cancellation feature. They sound great out of the box, and there’s a companion app with four presets to fine-tune the sound. Packed with features, this app also lets you play a shrill note through the earpieces to help you find them if lost, set whether you want the buds to carry on playing music when you remove one of them and switch between regular listening, Active Noise Cancellation and letting through ambient sound.

Sensational sound stage

Overall audio quality is excellent. Even without changing the presets to reflect the type of music you’re listening to, bass is solid and punchy without swamping the rest of the sound stage. The drum sound is especially lively. Mid-tones are clear and precise, and while the top end is a trifle subdued out of the box, you can boost it by switching to a Pop or Rock preset. The noise cancelling feature works well, much better than you’d expect for earbuds at this price, though it takes its toll on the battery power.

The Edifier W320TN Earbuds have no significant drawbacks. Their performance belies the price, its feature set is comprehensive and the sound quality is solid, with no real areas of weakness. An excellent choice for anyone looking for mid-priced buds.

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