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The Ultimate Google Manual 2024 Print Edition


Over 140 Pages
Released April 2024
Print Format
Shipping Included In Price

Includes Free Download copy of The Complete Android Manual worth £5.99!

Google’s range of free apps has everything you could need on your smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, smart speaker and TV! From video chat to messaging and watching movies to searching the Internet, Google have it all covered! So sign up for a Google account to, send and receive email using Google’s Gmail service, explore the world with Google Maps and Street View, store your files on the cloud with Google Drive and more. Do you know how? We will show you! For current users, are you getting the most from Google’s free cloud-based office apps? Are your connected home devices secure? Do you want to become a YouTuber? With our expert tuition help, you will have all the answers!

Get the Best from Google

We show you how to set up your very own Google account safely, which you can use across Google’s range of services. Then we will teach you how to set up your own personalised email, web browser, cloud storage, and so much more.

Protecting Your Privacy

Our team of experts are on hand to ensure that all of your key Google data and online digital footprint remains completely secure and private to you! By letting us enhance your defences from cyber risks, Google gets even better!

For Business and Play

Google’s free app suite covers a wealth of tasks, features and abilities! From its expansive home office tools, video chatting features to endless access to entertainment content. There is literally no end to what you can do. As long as you have us at your side!

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