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iPad & iPadOS 16 The Complete Manual (2nd Edition)


Over 160 Pages
Released February 2023
Digital Format

With the launch of their new operating system for the iPad, iPadOS 16, Apple added a host of new features, apps and functions to your iPad. With this update the way your iPad works and how you use it have dramatically changed but our team of tech experts are here to help! Yet the changes to iPadOS 16 and to your iPad doesn’t stop here! Each new update offers new features and changes, that you can’t afford to ignore. With their years of insider experience we have put together this exclusive and fully up-to-date independent user manual based on your ever evolving Apple iPad and the iPadOS 16. With their indispensable help, you WILL get the very best from your iPad, not matter what changes, updates and evolutions Apple throw at you. So let’s get started! 100% unofficial.

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