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The Complete MacBook Manual 2024 Update – Print Edition


Over 140 Pages
Released February 2024
Print Format
Shipping Included In Price
Includes Free Download copy of The Complete Online Security Manual worth £5.99

Whether you own a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, the Mac and macOS Sonoma has all sorts of exciting features to try out and use. We show you how to set up your notebook for the first time, including Internet access, email, your Apple ID and Touch ID. We also bring you in-depth guides to the MacBook’s key apps such as Mail, Safari, Music and more, and when you’ve mastered the basics, get to grips with our amazing advanced tutorials. It’s all in The Complete MacBook Manual!

Easy to Follow Guides

Our fully illustrated guides are written in plain English, avoiding complex technical terms. With step-by-step tutorials and annotated screenshots, we make using your MacBook a pleasure, not a chore.

Key Apps Mastered

We take a look at macOS Sonoma’s key software applications on your Mac notebook. Find out how to use them, including advanced tips even experienced Mac owners might not know. We have it covered.

Fully Up To Date

The Complete MacBook Manual is up to date with macOS Sonoma’s new features. Find out about the new audio messages in the Messages app, Live Speech, Share passwords, the Caps Lock Indicator, Game Mode and more.


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