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PCL Photography Bundle

Original price was: £55.95.Current price is: £5.99.

5 Full Magazines Worth £55.95 for only £5.99!!! Save Over 89%!!!

This is our photography bundle to help you get the best from your digital cameras.

If you’re looking to get the best out of your digital cameras, take up photography as a hobby or maybe you’re wanting to improve in a specific area such as Black and White or Travel we have a specially priced bundle of digital magazines for you to get started.

Digital Photography The Complete Guide – Over 160 Pages, Digital Format, RRP: £9.99
Whether you’re just looking for something to take your holiday snaps, or you’re interested in photography as a hobby and would like to know more about it, this guide can help. Starting from the basics we’ll take you through the world of digital photography, and hopefully help you to enjoy using your camera and take better photos with it. Who knows? We may even start you on a whole new hobby, or even an enjoyable and profitable career.

Black & White Photography The Complete Guide – Over 160 Pages, Digital Format, RRP: £9.99
Your introduction to the world of black and white photography begins here. Our aim is simple, we want to introduce you to the world of black and white photography and the creative possibilities that this medium has to offer.

Landscape Photography Guidebook – Over 190 Pages, Digital Format, RRP: £12.99
As a genre landscape photography is probably one of the most popular. There is something special about being out in the world capturing the landscape around you. Whether it is the vast openness of a particular space or a more intimate scene viewed in close-up, the landscape is certainly the most accessible type of photography that everyone can enjoy without needing very expensive equipment and studio space.

Complete Outdoor Photography – Over 144 Pages, Digital Format, RRP: £9.99
You might be forgiven for thinking that outdoor photography is another name for landscape photography but there is so much more to it than that. As the name suggests, landscape photography is the capture of the environment around us, whether coastal, rural or even urban.

The Digital Photography Masterclass – Over 190 Pages, Digital Format, RRP: £12.99
We outline the main camera types and then take you through some of the essential basic camera craft that is the foundation of any good photography. This includes details about shutter speed and camera shake, focusing, metering and aperture and depth of field. Then we will take you on to some more varied photographic projects that cover a broad range of creative and technical disciplines.

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