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Chromebook The Complete Manual (2nd Edition)


Over 140 Pages
Released February 2023
Digital Format

Everything you need to master your Chromebook and Google’s chromeOS… The Chromebook is a marvellous mixture of Google’s iconic apps, an operating system built on the backbone of Linux, and superb hardware. With it you can access the world’s most popular apps, from Gmail to Trends, and you can install a wealth of content from the Google Play Store. Google is more than a search engine, and this guide is here to help you get the most from your Chromebook, and from Google’s online services. Learn how to use the Chromebook’s amazing features, and master its operating system, Chrome OS. Discover some of the best Google app tips and tricks, and make Google work for you. There’s so much to explore within these pages, so let’s open the lid of your Chromebook and dive into a new digital world.

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